HAT-P-12 b, also called GSC 03033-00706 b is an extrasolar planet in the constellation Canes Venatici, orbiting the orange dwarf star (K) HAT-P-12. It is located approximately 464.77 light-years away from Earth, or what would be the same, 142.5 parsecs. It is part of a planetary system, of which it is the only planet discovered so far.

HAT-P-12 b, has a mass of about 0.221 Jovian masses (67.3313) and its relatively small semi-major axis of about 0.0384 AU (5.72 million km), make this body become a type of planet, called hot Jupiter, because due to the Jupiter-like mass and its small semi-major axis that separates them from their star, they cause the body to overheat at high temperatures. An example of this type of planet is 51 Pegasi b. In addition, as has already been said before, the radius of the planet is known thanks to its transit in front of its star, which would be about 0.959 Jovian radii, or what is the same 11.208 terrestrial.


Observations of HAT-P-12b

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