TrES-2b (or Kepler-1b) is an extrasolar planet orbiting the star GSC 03549-02811 located 750 light-years away. The planet’s mass and radius indicate that it is a gas giant with a global composition similar to Jupiter. Unlike Jupiter, but similar to many other planets detected around other stars TrES-2b is located very close to its star, and belongs to the class of planets known as “hot Jupiters”. This system is within the field of view of the Kepler spacecraft already in operation.

This planet continues to be studied by other projects and the parameters are being continuously improved. A 2007 study improves stellar and planetary parameters.3 Another study conducted in 2008 concluded that the TrES-2 system (along with two others) is a binary star system. This had a significant effect on the stellar values and parameters of the planet.

In August 2008 more details of the relationship between the star and the planet’s orbit were published. The orbit was determined to tilt 9° ± 12° from the stellar equator. The orbital direction was determined to be in the same direction as the rotation of the star.

Observations of TrES-2b

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