WASP-48b is an extrasolar planet orbiting the star WASP-48 in the constellation Cygnus. The planet was detected using the transit method by the SuperWASP team, which published its discovery in 2011. It revolves around its host star in just 2.14 Continue Reading


WASP-43b is a transiting planet orbiting the young, active, low-mass star WASP-43 in the constellation Sextans. The planet is a hot Jupiter with a mass twice that of Jupiter, but with a radius approximately equal. WASP-43b was flagged as a Continue Reading


From WASP photometry and radial velocities SOPHIE we report the discovery of WASP-40b (HAT-P-27b), a 0.6 Mjup planet that transits its 12th magnitude parent star every 3.04 days. The host star is G-type endings or K-type beginnings and probably has Continue Reading


The “Hot Jupiter” class planet WASP-32 b, later named ‘Viculus’, was discovered around WASP-32 in 2010. It was found to orbit the parent star in a progressive direction in 2014. The follow-up study using transit time variation analysis could not Continue Reading