TOI 2119.01 b

The discovery of a brown dwarf (M2 = 67 ± 2MJ and R2 = 1.11 ± 0.03RJ) on an eccentric (e=0.3362 ± 0.0005), short period orbit (P = 7.200861±0.000005 days) transiting and occulting the M dwarf TOI-2119. The rotation period of 13.2±0.2 days suggests the system probably has an age between 0.7−5.1 Gyrs while evolutionary models for brown dwarfs favor ages < 1 Gyr. The difficulty in constraining the age of TOI-2119 limits our ability to use the brown dwarf companion to further constrain evolutionary models. The secondary eclipses observed by TESS reveal a temperature of 2100 ± 80 K for TOI-2119.01, which is consistent with measured temperatures of L0-L2 dwarfs.

Observations of TOI 2119.01 b

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