WASP-103 b is a gaseous exoplanet, more specifically a hot Jupiter, located in the constellation Hercules orbiting the star WASP-103. It has an oval shape, similar to that of a rugby ball, thanks to the force of gravity exerted by its star. It is the first exoplanet to be detected a deformation.

It is 1.5 times more massive, almost twice as large and twenty times hotter than Jupiter; these data suggest that WASP-103 b has an interior structure similar to that of that planet. Its orbit lasts less than a day, as it is 0.01987 astronomical units from its star, a fact that also gives it its oval shape. Despite being very close to its sun, it seems to move away from it, instead of approaching, giving rise to the theory that it is a binary system, or that the orbit of the exoplanet in question is elliptical.


Observations of WASP-103b

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