WASP-56b and WASP-57b have masses of 0.571 + 0.034-0.035 mj and 0.672 + 0.049 up to 0.046 mj, respectively; and radii of 1.092 + 0.035-0.033 rj of WASP-56b and 0.916 + 0.017 to 0.014 rj of WASP-57b. They orbit main sequence stars of spectral type G6 every 4.67 and 2.84 days, respectively.

WASP-56b and WASP-57b show no anomalies and high-density radius, possibly implying a large core of heavy elements; possibly as high as ~50 M⊕ in the case of WASP-57b. However, the composition of the deep interior of exoplanets remains undetermined. Therefore, more exoplanet discoveries, such as those presented in this paper, are necessary to understand and limit physical properties of giant planets.


Observations of WASP-57b

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