Artículos y publicaciones

Artículos en diferentes publicaciones entre ellas MNRAS y A&A, conoce los resultados de nuestras observaciones a través de grandes investigadores.

Transit timing analysis of the exoplanet TrES-5 b. Possible existence of the exoplanet TrES-5 c

WASP-92, WASP-93 and WASP-118: Transit timing variations and long-term stability of the systems

Physical parameters of selected Gaia mass asteroids

Original Research By Young Twinkle Students (ORBYTS): Ephemeris Refinement of Transiting Exoplanets

Homogeneously derived transit timings for 17 exoplanets and reassessed TTV trends for WASP-12 and WASP-4

Ephemeris refinementof 21 hot Jupiter exoplanets with high timing uncertainties

Discovery of a young low-mass brown dwarf transiting a fast-rotating F-type star by the Galactic Plane eXoplanet (GPX) survey

ExoClock project II A large-scale integrated study with 180 updated exoplanet ephemerides