IC410 Tadpole Nebula

IC 410 also known as “The Tadpoles” is a young galactic cluster of stars. Formed inside the interstellar cloud just 4 million years old, intensely bright and hot stars power the gas.

IC 410 is located about 10,000 light-years away in the nebula-rich constellation Auriga.

IC410 SHO + RGB Stars

Technical data of the acquisition:

Baader Blue (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 10×300,″(50′)
Baader Green (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 10×300,″(50′)
Baader H-alpha 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 35×900,″(8h 45′)
Baader O-III 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 30×900,″(7h 30′)
Baader Red (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 10×300,″(50′)
Baader S-II 6.5nm (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 30×900,″(7h 30′)

Time integration:
26h 15´

New image combining images of the center of the tadpoles, with current images with the current equipment described in Astrobin and images obtained in 2015 with an S/C 8″ equipment and an ATIK 314L+ ccd.
Getting about 15 hours with the old equipment and 28 hours with the current one. Total >43 hours of integration.

Tadpoles, composed of denser, cooler gas, are about 10 light-years long and are surely places where stars form. Their heads, sculpted by winds and radiation from the cluster’s stars, are outlined by bright ridges of ionized gas, as tails creep out of the cluster’s central region.