NGC 4559

NGC 4559 is a spiral galaxy located in the Coma Berenices constellation within reach of amateur telescopes, at a distance of between 20 and 35 million light years (more possibly the latter distance based on its redshift). It is a member of the Coma I galaxy cloud, to which NGC 4565 also belongs, for example, and which appears to be in the process of approaching and eventually merging with the neighboring Virgo Cluster.

Image obtained from the Anunaki Observatory

It is a late-type galaxy, with a very small nucleus and classified as intermediate between a normal spiral galaxy and another with a bar and a poorly defined inner ring.

As in many other late-type and relatively isolated galaxies, the neutral hydrogen of NGC 4559 occupies an area much larger than that occupied by the stars, and in this case it also extends beyond the plane of the galaxy.

Acquisition details:

Baader Blue (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 20×300,″(1h 40′)
Baader Green (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 20×300,″(1h 40′)
Baader Red (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 20×300,″(1h 40′)
Baader UV/IR CUT Luminance (CMOS Optimized) 36 mm: 61×300,″(5h 5′)
Time de integration:
10h 5′