NGC 4565

NGC 4565, also known as the Needle Galaxy, is a spiral galaxy located in the constellation of Coma Berenices at a distance of 47 million light years, easily visible with small telescopes. It is a member of the Coma I galaxy cloud, which appears to be in the process of approaching and eventually merging with the neighboring Virgo Cluster.

Image obtained from the Anunaki Observatory

NGC 4565 is one of the best examples of a spiral galaxy seen edge-on along with, among others, NGC 891 and NGC 5907, as well as a giant spiral galaxy larger and more luminous than the Andromeda Galaxy itself.

Although it was long considered a normal spiral galaxy, a recent study carried out with the Spitzer telescope shows that it is actually a barred spiral galaxy with an internal ring, similar to our Milky Way; Another recent study shows the presence of a pseudobulb hidden within that bar, which can be seen almost from one end – looking like a galactic bulge (in reality non-existent) – and suggests that if NGC 4565 were seen from the front it would be the largest galaxy. spectacular among its kind in the nearby Universe.3

NGC 4565 is also somewhat richer in globular clusters than our galaxy, with an estimated population of them at around 240; however, its star formation activity is relatively low.

Crop of the image obtained from the Anunaki Observatory

Technical data of the acquisition:

Baader Blue (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 20×300,″(1h 40′)
Baader Green (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 20×300,″(1h 40′)
Baader Red (CMOS-Optimized) 36 mm: 20×300,″(1h 40′)
Baader UV/IR CUT Luminance (CMOS Optimized) 36 mm: 44×300,″(3h 40′)
Integration time:
8h 40′